Our High Pressure System is our most popular product as it is a self supporting efficient and fast heating system. It does not contain water in its vacuum tubes thus insuring that energy is quickly accumulated and transferred, the tubes are durable and the system is designed to handle great amounts of water pressure. This system is ideal for areas with high water pressure like in cities and towns which have municipal water feed.

Working Principle

The vacuum tubes in this system are closed and do not contain water but rather contain a copper heat pipe thus transferring the heat absorbed from the sun through the copper bulb which is inserted directly into the tank. As the water is heated it rises and is then fed into the hot water pipe.

  • An efficient electricity saver: daily average efficiency over 40 – 45% saving
  • Full Eskom rebate: R5332 on 150L, 200L and 300L systems
  • Durable tubes: no water inside the evacuated tubes thus the system can still operate even with several tubes damaged

Capacity: 150L, 200L,300L